Although the term Web 2.0 is commonly used, it can have a variety of meanings. Here are a few that may apply to your specific situation:

web 2.0 originally characterized as interactivity in a website and making it something more than just words on a page

— there is no actual definition for the term web 2.0, it has been shaped and molded to mean different things over the past two years depending on the discussion

— using the web as a platform

— viral and social marketing are considered to be web 2.0

— web 2.0 can describe when a tool or technology is new and trendy online

— examples of web 2.0 online include blogs, wikis, tagging, social bookmarking, rss and syndications, multimedia sharing sites

— user added content in many forms, comments, pictures, articles, etc…

— democracy on the web, voting sites, consumer information, everyone gets their two cents kind of a thing

— web 2.0 is becoming more and more just a buzzword though – something people say when something is new

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