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Let us use Local Internet Marketing to get you to the top of the new Google Places and Bing Business Portal local search results. We show you how – get prepared to dominate your Local Market with Local Internet Marketing from Zimrock Marketing!
local internet marketingWe offer many comprehensive and powerful Local Internet Marketing packages built to get your Google Places and Bing Business Portal business pages in front of your prospects and customers at a price point that every small business can fit in the budget. And we all know Local Internet Marketing is more effective than the Yellow Pages and costs less! Increased Traffic = Increased Business!

Constant changes in the way Google is evolving with the Local Internet Marketing search platform makes it imperative that you use an experienced team like Zimrock Marketing to get you the search traffic that will drive your business forward!

You have created a website, you have claimed (or maybe not) your Google Places and Bing Business Portal local business listings, and you wait (and expect) the search traffic to pour in. While you wait with no traffic, your competition is gaining market share with new customers on a consistent basis from their local web traffic.

And why is that?

Local Internet Marketing or Local Search Engine Optimization, known as Local SEO, has not been performed. This is the most vital piece to internet success!

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Local Internet Marketing Defined

What is Local Internet Marketing or Local Search Engine Optimization and why is it critical to your local internet business success?

Local SEO is the act of helping the searcher who is looking for local services find the best option for them locally. When the searcher types a service with a city, they want to know who can help them that are nearby. For example, if a searcher is looking for “dog grooming in Atlanta”, they would type that phrase or maybe, “Atlanta dog grooming”, either way, whoever shows up on page one is likely to get the business. Not being on page one can be costly.

Local Internet Marketing Optimization

Local Internet Marketing is the optimization for your website as well as your Google Places and Bing Business Portal pages and works in two different areas:

First, on page optimization is often overlooked and is a critical aspect of achieving page one ranking.

Second, off page optimization for your website as well as your Google Places and Bing Business Portal pages is needed to push your sites to page one. The search engines need to see that others like your sites and services and will reward those with higher page rank and ultimately more search volume.

The Local Internet Marketing Process:

  1. Define your target prospect and local market.
  2. Determine what keywords prospects are using to find your type of business.
  3. Analyze the competition on page one to determine your strategy.
  4. Optimize your website to rank on page 1 of the Google local search results for the right keywords.

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