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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) or also known as Paid or Sponsored Ads, are ads that show up on the top and the right side of the search engine results. PPC Advertising is the quickest way to generate website traffic from keyword or keyword phrase search activity. It can also be easily budget controlled. Each keyword or keyword phrase will have a different cost based on search popularity. The more popular, the more cost. But with PPC Advertising, you only pay the search provider when a prospect clicks on your ad, how much you pay is based on desired search page position, “landing page” or website “quality score” (which is based on how well your website is optimized for the keywords you are bidding on), and the competitive nature of the keywords.
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Page one positioned websites will create increasing traffic and ultimately increasing revenue. To realize this, it can be important that you create and maintain an Internet Marketing strategy that encompasses both paid search engine methods (PPC) as well as search engine optimization (SEO) methods. Using SEO in conjunction with PPC will drive the cost of advertising down through higher quality scores. So you can ultimately pay less per click and secure a higher search page position.

Optimizing ads will create a higher click through rate (clicks/impressions), which in turn drives ad cost down even further. Top ranking websites will have a stronger ROI, better click through rate, and ultimately a larger market share. All Pay Per Click campaigns will be results driven through analytics.

Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) must be managed monthly to constantly optimize ads, keywords, budget, and landing pages. Because ads and keywords can become obsolete, modifying the keyword mix (delete & add), testing new ads, and website content enhancements are just a few management areas employed to keep your ads/keywords quality score up while keeping your prospects search activity targeted. Although you can utilize our services separately, managing SEO along with PPC Advertising will maximize results and minimize cost.

Our pay per click advertising (PPC) management services approach will involve the following:pay per click

As your business partner, Zimrock Marketing, an Alpharetta PPC Management Company, will make sure you understand, are involved in, and approve every step of the paid advertising process. This will ensure we create and manage the most effective campaign possible. We will also utilize the latest tools and ad optimizers to measure and modify each campaign for effectiveness.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Marketing Notes:

  • Pay per click advertisements (PPC) are most often found at the top and right of each search page for each top search engine (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter).
  • Besides a constant lead source, Pay Per Click is also great for new websites, new regions, seasonal events, new markets, promotions, or just a fast business start.
  • Depending on the desired goal, traffic can be sent to varying pages of your website.
  • PPC has an easy entry point (low cost) to begin ad campaigns and no long term commitments means you can add or change campaigns very quickly.
  • Targeted low volume keywords can also utilized very cost effectively.
  • By setting daily and monthly budgets, you get no surprises for your ad spend.
  • Geo-targeting (geography and keyword) can be employed so only your prospects view and have an opportunity to click your ads.
  • Optionally Google AdWords on Mobile Devices can show “click to call” numbers for easy contact.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Management Services:

  • We will always meet with our clients first to understand each aspect and goal before starting an ad campaign.
  • We will do extensive keyword research (utilizing our professional tools) to find the right keywords and phrases to maximize results and minimize cost. We will find the “diamond in the rough” keywords that have high traffic volume for a low ad cost.
  • In addition, we will find fringe opportunities in your industry to get low cost traffic to your website.
  • We will organize all ad campaigns into adgroups for relevancy and similarity so we can manage and track ads more efficiently.
  • We will, with your input, write ads that attract and promote a call to action for each campaign. Utilizing tools, we will also split test ads to find the best performers. Writing a solid ad is just as important as the keyword itself, we make sure the ad is relevant to the keyword and we will review each landing page on your website to ensure the best conversion rates possible for each ad. Writing ads that have solid click through rates will also maximize results and lower costs.
  • We will implement and verify website analytics on your website for tracking so we can get base results prior to starting any ad campaign so we can track results.
  • We will perform constant bid optimization at the keyword level and adjust your daily and/or monthly budget as needed to maximize each campaign. Strategic review of each keyword or keyword phrase bid amount will be done to find the best performers in each adgroup.
  • We will employ geo-targeting for all ad campaigns ensuring you only pay for targeted prospect traffic.

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Each month we will meet to review PPC performance reports to gauge effectiveness of each campaign and discuss possible changes to improve. For this review, we will use website analytics to create pay per click advertising (PPC) management reports that measure keyword efficiency, cost per click, and click through rates.

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