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    Press Release Marketing Elite:

    1. Do you just want us to write press releases on anything related to your industry or will you give us things to write about?

    2. Help us with your first PR. What kind of press release is this?
    New product or serviceImprovements or expansion of products or servicesNoteworthy new accountsOrganization or staff changesQuarterly earningsAchievements by company or personnelInformation resourcesResponse to a controversy or crisisSpecial eventsCharitable donationsAwards won or givenGiveaways or promotionsResearch findingsHuman interest stories

    3. What is the purpose of the release?
    Increase or maintain awarenessEstablish credibility or authority and build imageGet interviews on television, radio, InternetBecome an expert sourcePromote salesDrive traffic to a special event or Web siteChange buyer or industry behaviorExpand market shareComply with SEC disclosure regulationsIncrease stock price

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    Video Marketing:

    1. Do you want us to create videos randomly or will you let us know what text, slogans, images, etc to use?

    2. For your first video, what is the URL/website you want to promote?

    3. What are the 3 main selling points you want to convey about your product or service (features, benefits, unique characteristics, and the like)?

    4. Are you targeting a particular demographic? If so, what age group?

    5. Do you have any other particular requests that you want us to implement for your video? I.E. Mission statement, goal or commitment to your customers?

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    Social Media Marketing Elite:

    1. You will have 2 Twitter accounts and 2 Facebook accounts. All of which *should* be “marketing” accounts, but do you require an account specific for your company and would like for us to manage? If so, please indicate whether you want us to manage Twitter and/or Facebook.

    2. If you’d like for us to manage it, please register a Twitter account and/or Facebook account right now and provide us with the account name and password:
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