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As a full service email marketing company, we control all aspects of the email campaign

For full service email marketing management services, look no further than Zimrock Marketing. We only use an opt-in email marketing format to ensure we comply with all anti-spam controls today. This allows us to make sure that all of your email campaigns are only reaching your targeted audience who wants and is looking forward to your correspondence, promotions, and newsletters.
email marketing
Our full service email marketing campaigns include:

  • Opt-in form creation for your website
  • Follow-up email creation
  • Autoresponder creation
  • Broadcast messages
  • Newsletter assistance
  • Email distribution
  • Review the analytics so we can optimize future email campaigns and adapt for maximum results

Sending periodic email newsletters with news, updates, tips, offers, etc. are a great way to keep top of mind with your customers and prospects. You can also utilize email to promote new business areas, promotions, and brand awareness. We can assist with the process from end-to-end including, design, graphic layout, and copywriting, and we then can distribute to your opt-in list of subscribers.

Email surveys are also a good way to stay in touch with your customers and what they would like to see from your business. You can use a free service like SurveyMonkey for small lists, or pay a small fee for larger numbers.

We recommend Aweber for your opt-in email marketing campaign needs. Sign Up For a one month $1 Trial to Aweber. Hint: During the first month trial, change to a quarterly or annual plan for savings.

How we use Aweber for the following email marketing services:

Email Newsletters

Create visually stunning, engaging email newsletters. Choose from over 135 HTML templates, paste in your own HTML or use the built-in message editor.

Website Sign Up Forms

Turn anonymous website visitors into prospects. Create signup forms with our point-and-click wizard – no need for a web designer!

Follow Up Autoresponders

Build lasting relationships with prospects using an automated sequence of personalized emails.

Schedule message delivery for the days and time periods that you know your prospects are most likely to read, click links and order products.

Email Marketing Web Analytics

Track who opens and clicks on your links with accurate, easy-to-read reports that show you what works and what doesn’t. Then segment subscribers and email those who clicked or opened messages to increase conversion.

Top-Notch Email Deliverability

You want your email marketing to reach your subscribers. Over the past 11+ years, we’ve developed the reputation and skill needed to get your opt-in email delivered.

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