How to stop spreading the untruths on the Internet!

Easily Spot Urban Legends, Scams, Hoaxes, and Chain Letters

The amount of urban legends, scams, hoaxes, and chain letters circulating the Internet are ever increasing. You can help stop the spreading of these untruths by doing a little research before you warn, forward and email, or in any way pass it along. Here below is a list of resource links you can check the validity of some of that information, and search for the information: Urban Legends & Folklore

Hoax Busters

McAfee: Virus hoaxes

Symantec: hoaxes

Trend Micro: Malware Blog

Trend Micro: Threat Resource

US-CERT: Identifying Hoaxes and Urban Legends

An easy way to see if an item on the internet or email is a hoax is to do a Google “safe search” with a subject line or a key part of the text and see if any of the sites listed above show up in the search and then review them for the information.


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